Year. 1999

Creator. Peter Jackson

Where. Matamata, NZ


The Hobbiton is that heavenly place our beloved Frodo and Sam used to call The Shire.

It is a village of 44 hobbit holes dug into the hillside, surrounded by hobbit gardens and orchards, and the fertile pastures of a sheep and cattle farm owned and operated by the Alexander family.


The newest addition to Hobbiton is the Green Dragon Inn, opened in December 2012.

The 12-acre movie set in gentle rolling hills and on a quiet country road near the farming town of Matamata, is a two-hour drive from Auckland and within easy access of other tourist destinations including Rotorua, Waitomo, Tauranga and the city of Hamilton.


Location of Hobbiton

  • Distance from Matamata = 20km; Hamilton = 43km; Rotorua = 74km; Auckland = 180km

  • Matamata population:13,000; 6000 (town), 7,000 (rural)



Hobbiton Farm

  • Farm area: 1250 acres or 500 hectares

  • Farm stock: 13,500 sheep, 350 - 400 beef cattle

  • Farm production: lamb, beef, wool

  • Visitor numbers: 240,000 in 2013 / more than 800,000 since opening 12 years ago



Hobbiton Movie Set

  • Film set area: covers approximately 12 acres

  • Hobbit houses: 44 hobbit holes

  • Roads: 8km created

  • Party tree: 70 - 80 metres tall

  • Construction: 70 set builders

  • Catering: During production, three meals were served daily to cast and crew, plus snacks on demand for 600+ people

  • Gardens: 2.3km (and growing) hedges; 30 - 200 plants around each hobbit house

  • Ground staff: 7 - 8 gardeners during height of season, 5 in winter

  • Traditional ales, cider and non alcoholic ginger beer, all brewed exclusively for Hobbiton, are served from barrels behind the bar at the Green Dragon Inn

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